Makeup Tutorials

Lipstick Application

Have you ever wondered if you are applying your lipstick wrong? In this tutorial, I show you how to sculpt and outline your lipstick to give it the cleanest finish.


Teen Collection

Learn how to apply basic makeup lightly and perfectly for teenage girls. This includes foundation, blush, highlighter, mascara, and more.


Professional Brushes

Why do I recommend the LimeLight by Alcone brush set? Because it has superior results. Here I show you the difference these application accessories make in your makeup. 


Brush Care

Here I demonstrate the correct method to shampoo your makeup brushes and sponges. Regular maintenance of your application accessories keeps dirt and germs out of your pores and glands.


Mascara Power

In this tutorial, you will learn the correct method to proper application of your mascara. Grab your mirror and your mascara to apply right along with me!



How do you blend your makeup? In this tutorial I will show you all the places you may not know you are skipping in your makeup application.


5 Minute Makeover

Only have 5 minutes to get your look in order? Join me for this quick-tip tutorial on how to apply quickly and which makeup to choose for the most impact!