Hey Beauties,

Two years ago, we announced a ground-breaking collaboration with our business partners L’Occitane! 🍋 If this name seems familiar it is probably because you can’t be in a high-end area w/o seeing their storefront right in the middle of it. Yes, you have even seen them at Disneyworld in Epcot’s France and with its own storefront on their boardwalk. You may have seen it in your fave lux hotel in their bathrooms and in their spas. I even saw their store in Guatemala’s mall when I went to visit there. They are known for quality and care and I now get to retail some of their product through my affiliation at LimeLife.

This partnership resulted in our global expansion to 9 countries, new product development (such as our Raining Zen body care collection with signature fragrance), and now an additional way for Beauty Guides to earn a residual income. 🌻

I discovered L’Occitane while working at the salon in the 900 shops in Chicago where I fell in love with much of the line! 🌻So you can imagine my excitement to be able to offer these products to you now as a LimeLife Lifestyler! 🙌🏻

As a Lifestyler I have had the opportunity to try and fall in love with even more new products from this incredible company. Below you will find a few of my absolute favorites that exceeded my already high expectations for luxury skincare and natural fragrances.


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