All About Complexion

3 tips for having the perfect complexion:

1.      Begin With Your Skin!

2.      Get The Correct Color Match

3.      Select the Tools for The Coverage/Finish You Want to Achieve

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Three ways to apply your botanical foundation and concealer; covering all your bases from light, medium, and full coverage.

1. Let’s Talk Texture

In order to get that flawless look you crave, you have to start with your true foundation and tend to your skin! Your regimen will be different depending on your skin type and the current conditions you are experiencing but the 3 products I can assure you everyone needs for instant improvement in reducing signs of aging and protection are Dew Date Face Oil Eye Arise eye serum, and Perfect Sunscreen SPF 30. I cannot live without them. Eye serum is that “extra” step that makes ALL the difference! Our skin around our eyes is super delicate which is why it needs extra protection. It is the first area of the face you will notice signs of aging and with Eye Arise you will see a noticeable reduction in wrinkles and fine lines within days of using it! Face oil is so important for protecting your skin from breaking down, reducing inflammation which we are all exposed to and increasing healthy cellular growth! (cell growth = younger looking skin!) SPF is the most invaluable skin product due to the protection of cancer and aging and ours is a physical block that has a built in primer so your products will go on smooth!  

2.  Match made in heaven!

Camouflage with our Perfect Concealer – It takes 2 seconds to get rid of those under eye circles, the redness around the nose, the discoloration from acne scars or the sun and to cover blemishes! Pro Tip: Use a lighter shade (2 shades lighter than your skin) to apply before foundation on areas you want to color correct and have full coverage. Use a flesh tone color AFTER applying foundation for extra coverage or to highlight areas you want brightened such as in between the brows or above the lips and high cheekbones.

Foundation– What sets our botanical foundation apart? The INGREDIENTS. It is WAX-based which is why you get that skin like texture that looks like you aren’t wearing makeup when in reality it is 50% pigment – more than twice the amount of pigment in any other cosmeceutical brand. Once you experience the difference of our buildable coverage, you won’t want to go back! Plus it is VEGAN and sits on the skin not in the skin! Wax doesn’t absorb IN the skin which means it is adding an extra layer of protection along with preventing excess breakouts from product build up.

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3. Powder- Got OIL? No problem.

Translucent pressed powder INSTANTLY takes out shine AND sets your foundation for long wear. Plus, it prevents creasing from happening under the eyes, just be sure to smooth out the applied concealer FIRST. 

4. Applying your products like a BOSS!

Three ways to apply your botanical foundation and concealer. Light, medium, full coverage tutorial (Same as above).

My Favorite Complexion Tools

Classified Brush #19

This is the perfect tool for a light natural finish coverage.

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Blenderful Sponge

This is the perfect tool for a medium coverage finish.

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Foundation Brush #4

This is the perfect tool for complete or full coverage finish.

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Perfect Color Powder

The highly anticipated launch of 10 shades of The Perfect Color Powder expected in August. Brand new, first ever LimeLife released color pressed powders – originally formulated by Christian Dior himself!

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