How to travel "Like a Boss" babe

Traveling is my new love language! THIS coming from a girl who, FOR YEARS, avoided flying because of her anxiety hangup.  Have you heard the quote, "everything you want is on the other side of fear"?  It is true. I am living proof! That is exactly what I experienced the day I truly confronted my travel anxiety. Before I share my makeup/travels tips, I thought I would share the story of how I caught the travel bug! It is much thanks to my CEO, Michele Millardi-Gay! Little does she probably know, she pushed me to attend our first company conference in New York City in July of 2015 which turned out to be the first of many trips and the end to the fear stopping story I had about flying. I recall walking down O'Hare's terminal with headphones in, listening to Alicia Keys, "Empire State of Mind" and telling myself over and over again that I was pursuing an opportunity of a lifetime.  There were less than 200 hundred Beauty Guides company wide (I was one of the first 50!) and as MIchele said, "there is only one first summit and you will be a part of the history of this company by going" She was right and if I was going to create the life of my dreams it was going to take stepping WAY out of my comfort zone. When your desire becomes greater than your fear, you do things you have never done and realize how capable you actually are. Empowerment at it's finest and one of my core business values today! To look back at that moment, when I made the decision to choose faith over fear, I see that was where the foundation of my career began and has been built upon ever since. I would have missed out on so many friendships and let's not forget the chance to meet celebrity makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, all because I was scared to travel!? Life Lesson: Fear is a Liar. Abundance is up for grabs and travel is a huge part of my business and life now. I have been on dozens of trips in the last 3 years and earned 3 paid vacations to Miami, Puerta Vallerta, and Aruba by simply doing what I love. (Sound like a culture you want to be a part of? Learn more at Become a Beauty Guide @

Do you love traveling as much as I do? How about packing? (Insert eye darts here.) Okay, what if I help you decide what the essentials are so you don't over pack yet have your bases covered for any occasion? Check out this guide! 

Makeup bag faves.  The Hanging Traveler. It is fantastic for carrying all cosmetics including hair products, toiletries, and skincare. I love the zip pockets and mesh pockets!  ( The LL "Everything Goes Cosmetic Bag" can store ALL of my makeup palettes and keeps them tightly packed to prevent from breaking powders. 

Glamcor Riki Mirror (Classic) It is the hottest mirror in the professional world. Has fantastic lighting (hotel rooms typically do not), comes with attachments for a magnified mirror and phone/bluetooth, and adjustable stand. You need this. You deserve this. You won't know how you lived without it! 

Takes up little space in your case. Skincare that is 3 ounces or less is a game changer!  All LimeLight skincare is travel size to pack in your carry on for a weekend getaway. (except for the cleansers. Ask me for a travel sample) Individually wrapped Make-off wipes! Not only because they are travel sized but because you don't want to leave your makeup all over those clean white hotel towels! (Guilty! I've done it!)

Beauty Tools. Pack these five eye shadow brushes: all over eyeshadow brush, crease brush, brow brush, blush brush and foundation brush plus your blenderful sponge (which has it's own travel case!)  Keep them tucked away in a brush roll. Pro favorite of mine is the ESUM Brush Book. ( Don't forget your Brush Cleaner! The Come Clean brush solid is a winner, it won't leak in your suitcase. 

Pro palette picks for every woman. These colors are versatile and accomodate day to night looks. 

Six-well eye shadow palette with #8, #9, #19, #32, #28, #38

Trio Palette with the Perfect Bronzer, the Perfect Pressed Powder, and #4 Blush

1 Foundation w/2 concealers Palette. Need help picking your color? Visit

These recommendations will equip you for low-maintenance packing while setting the bar for bare essential beauty! For a tailored regimen, contact myself or your Beauty Guide. All products recommended are available at Shop Limelight at

Thanks for trusting me as your Beauty Guide and Travel Guide today! 

Hasta la proxima vez!
Xo, Rae Allina


Top Ten Products to Consolidate your Makeup Kit

Keeping a consolidated kit can be a challenge but with the right products you can become more efficient! How many times have you wasted time searching through your kit, adding to your application time, only to find that you go back to the usual suspects! Or do you find that you are layering product after product to achieve the look you desire?

I have been there! 

Being equipped with the right products can be a major time saver and stress reducer which is exactly what Limelight by Alcone has provided for me. The products have a higher amount of pigment which reduces my application time and provides multiple uses. For example, the perfect eyeshadow can be used as brow filler, eyeliner, blush, or a matte lip finish. Likewise, the enduring lipstick can be used as an eyeliner or a cream shadow. I feel confident having a wide range of colors for all skin tones and long lasting wearability for every application I offer. Their customized palettes were designed for professional artists, just like me,  however I've found that my customers equally value the reduced space in their makeup bag and convenient travel benefit. 

Here's a list of my personal favorite products that are most frequently used whether the application is for everyday or a special occasion. 

 1. Perfect Pressed Powder-This powder sets foundation and concealer creating a matte finish. It absorbs excess oil and is translucent (there is no color so you don't have to worry about flashback) I use this during photoshoots, it is a best seller for brides, and anyone with oily skin needs this. 

2. Alcone Make-off Wipes - Start every application with a fresh cleansed face! These wipes are the perfect on-the-go cleanser! They remove makeup, excess oil, dirt and debris without causing irritation or leaving excess oil! They are essential for easy application clean up, for those times when the mascara smudges or your client wants a last minute lipstick change. Sold individually and in a pop-up pack!

3. Concealer - waterproof, color correcting, full coverage.

4. Perfect Duo - blush #4 "Keen" and blush #6 "Glowing" are gorgeous on all skin types and provide luminosity.

5. Perfect eyeliner - this revolutionary brush is unlike any other I've used! It has fine condensed brush hairs vs. the popular felt tip applicator which allows for a clean thin line or winged liner with minimal effort. It is smudge proof and jet black!

6. 10 Years Younger Finishing Spray - Make every application long lasting up to 16 hours with this setting spray!  It is clinically proven to prevent creasing. Make every application long wearing and use this spray to create brow grooming 

7. Botanical foundations -hands down best I've ever used! The wax based foundation allows for buildable coverage and has a natural finish that looks like skin and not makeup.

8. Enduring lipsticks - long lasting lip stains that don't dry out lips -essential for bridal kit!!

9. Everything is Neutral palette -incredible selection that will work for every single customer including brides because of the neutral shades. Includes warm and cool tones. Individual, 4-well, and 6-well palettes can be sold separately with any colors within this pro palette.

10. Skin Therapist - great moisturiser for all skin types with Pomegranate antioxidant and soothing oat. Creates a smooth surface without greasy texture. 

To purchase products visit your Beauty Guide's website or order directly from me at