“Best beauty subscription box.”

About AmazeBox
Control Your Subscription and Pause by Canceling and Re-Subscribing on your terms 

$42 per month

Skip your Starbucks order one day a week and treat yourself to a little self care that will last for months! This is a great way to get your beauty on a budget and try those products you want and need without breaking the bank!


FREE shipping

The AmazeBox saves you $6.95 on flat rate shipping! It also comes automatically each month with new products to try and experience. You are in charge and can cancel your subscription and restart it any time you want by simply logging into your customer account.


Value is always over $50-$115

This is more than your average beauty subscription! It includes full sized products in every box: both all natural skincare and professional grade makeup. It also comes with extra surprises that are motivational and inspirational in a themed box! It makes it exciting to check the mail and have something special to look forward to.

Valerie Dang AmazeBox Review

1. Why you decided to get the AmazeBox?

“I was already obsessed with the skincare products, but thought this would be a great way to sample the makeup, too. I was not disappointed! Now, I have a bunch of LimeLife makeup and it’s all I use.” 

2. Which AmazeBox has been your favorite so far?

I can’t remember, the name of the months of which one is my favorite but I think it was December that gave me a full size Creme of the Crop body cream. It’s not something I would have thought to buy for myself, but I love it! Perfect for the winter. I appreciate that AmazeBox introduced me to new things to fall in love with!”

 3. Why do you love it?

I love that I can get full size skincare and makeup products! I swear, the box is psychic sometimes – when I’m running out of any  something, it’s in the next box!”

Megan Lloyd AmazeBox Review

“Seriously, the value of the amaze box is what’s most amazing. They are quality, clean products and unlike other beauty subscription boxes, I use EVERY product until it’s gone! You cannot find a deal like this anywhere else.”

Jenilee Haynes AmazeBox Review

“I love the amaze box!! The products chosen for each box are products I’ve been considering, it’s like they are reading my mind!! I can’t believe it contains FULL SIZE products either! Definitely worth the money the $42!”


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